Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 6: The Art of the Start

In this episode, Peter and Andrea discuss their journeys as entrepreneurs and share insights on starting a business from scratch. They talk about the challenges, fears, and imposter syndrome that come with entrepreneurship, as well as the reasons they keep pushing forward. The key takeaways include the importance of failing forward, prioritizing cash flow, executing ideas, and putting people first. They also emphasize the need to start and iterate quickly, avoid perfectionism, and choose complementary partners. Lastly, they caution against the potential pitfalls of accepting investment money. In this conversation, Peter and Andrea discuss the challenges and lessons of entrepreneurship. They share stories of companies that failed due to poor decision-making and the importance of trusting your gut and intuition. They emphasize the significance of mindset and attitude in entrepreneurship, highlighting the need to keep moving forward even in the face of fear and uncertainty. They also discuss the importance of financial literacy and the ability to make tough decisions, such as closing a business when it's not financially viable. Overall, they encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the journey, learn from failures, and stay committed to their dreams.


1) Failing forward is an essential part of entrepreneurship. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and fail quickly to gather valuable data.

2) Cash flow is king. Understand the financials of your business and prioritize cash flow management.

3) Execution is key. Ideas are abundant, but success comes from taking action and executing on those ideas.

4) Put people first. Focus on building strong relationships with customers and hiring the right team members.

5) Avoid perfectionism and prioritize progress over perfection. Start with what you have and iterate quickly.

6) Choose complementary partners in business. Look for individuals with different skill sets to avoid duplication of work and potential conflicts.

7) Be cautious when accepting investment money. Understand the potential strings attached and the impact it can have on your business. Trust your gut and intuition in decision-making.

8) Mindset and attitude are crucial in entrepreneurshipLearn from failures and keep moving forwardFinancial literacy is essential for successMake tough decisions when necessary.

9) Embrace the journey and stay committed to your dreams


00:00 Introduction
08:49 Challenges and Fears of Entrepreneurship
13:03 Prioritizing and Failing Forward
23:03 Choosing Complementary Partners
27:26 The Importance of Mindset and Attitude
32:09 The Power of Having a Strong Why
38:21 Pushing Through Tough Times and Doubt

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