Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 5: Finding The Couarge To Speak

In this episode of the Love, Saranghae podcast, Peter and Andrea discuss Andrea's experience with hearing loss and speech impediment. They explore the challenges she faced growing up, including the pressure to fit in and the impact on her self-esteem.  Andrea shares how she found the courage to speak up and advocate for herself, and how it has shaped her as an adult. The conversation highlights the importance of listening to and validating the experiences of others, as well as trusting oneself and finding one's own voice.


1) Challenges and obstacles can be overcome with the courage to speak up and advocate for oneself.

2) Listening to and validating the experiences of others is crucial for creating understanding and empathy.

3) Trusting oneself and finding one's own voice is essential for personal growth and empowerment.

4) Fitting in and conforming to societal expectations can negatively impact self-esteem and mental well-being.


00:00 Introduction: Finding the Courage to Speak
06:33 Strategies and Support from Family
11:52 The Intersection of Identity: Being a Minority, a Woman, and Having a Speech Impediment

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