Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 0: Trailer

In this episode, Peter and Andrea introduce themselves and explain why they started the podcast. They discuss their fears and motivations for sharing their personal stories. They also express their desire to inspire and empower others, especially aspiring entrepreneurs. The couple talks about the topics they plan to explore, including their experiences in the skincare industry and raising children. They end the episode with a sneak peek of upcoming episodes.


-Overcoming fear is necessary to share personal stories and inspire others.
-Finding a community of like-minded individuals can provide support and inspiration for entrepreneurs.
-Focusing on people and building relationships is more important than focusing on systems and data points.
-Exploring different cultures and cuisines can be a rewarding and delicious experience.


00:48 What is this podcast and why
01:27 Overcoming Fear
03:44 Topics to Explore
04:25 Proudest Moment
04:58 Advice for Younger Self
05:21 Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
06:04 Finding a Community of Big Thinkers
06:28 Most Delicious Food in Korea
07:37 Ending and Sneak Peek

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