Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 4: Dream Big, Achieve Big

In this episode, Peter and Andrea discuss the importance of setting big scary goals in both personal and professional lives. They define what a goal is and emphasize the need for goals that push individuals outside of their comfort zones. They provide three questions to consider when creating goals: Does the goal scare you? Is it something you really want? Is it clear and concise? Peter shares his personal journey of setting and achieving big goals, such as running ultra marathons and climbing mountains. Andrea discusses her goals of hosting a retreat and taking control of her gut health. They also discuss the importance of celebrating achievements and course correcting when necessary.


Setting big scary goals is important for personal and professional growth.

Goals should push individuals outside of their comfort zones and require growth.

Goals should be clear, concise, and scare you a little or a lot.Celebrating achievements is important to acknowledge progress and stay motivated.

Course correction is necessary when goals are no longer aligned or when individuals veer off track.

Incentivizing behavior and ensuring buy-in from team members is crucial for course correction.

Goals should be revisited and adjusted as necessary to stay aligned with personal and professional aspirations.


00:00 Introduction: The Power of Setting Big Scary Goals
09:17 Celebrating Achievements and Staying Motivated
14:23 Course Correction: Adjusting Goals When Necessary

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