Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 3: Skincare Q & A

In this episode of Love, Saranghae, the hosts discuss various aspects of skincare. They start by answering a question about GHK-Cu peptide and their concentrations in skincare products. They then explain the importance of raw ingredient labeling and the differences between imported and US-manufactured products. The conversation then shifts to the heat sensation experienced when wearing sunscreen and the science behind how sunscreens work. The hosts emphasize the advantages of physical sunscreens and the need for sunscreen even on cloudy days. They also provide recommendations for SPF and explain the expiry dates of sunscreen products. The episode concludes with closing remarks and contact information for further questions.


-GHK copper peptides are quickly becoming popular in skincare but all is not how it seems.
-Raw ingredient labeling is important, especially for imported skincare products, as it ensures transparency and compliance with regulations.
-Physical sunscreens are recommended for their effectiveness and safety for coral reefs and marine life.
-Sunscreen should be worn even on cloudy days, as UV light can still penetrate through clouds.
-SPF 30 or higher is recommended, and sunscreen should be used within its expiry date.


00:00 Introduction to Skincare
00:57 Understanding GHK-Cu Peptides
06:16 Importance of Raw Ingredient Labeling
09:35 Heat Sensation from Sunscreen
10:15 How Sunscreens Work
11:29 Advantages of Physical Sunscreens
13:46 Importance of Sunscreen on Cloudy Days
14:48 Recommended SPF and Expiry Dates

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