Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 2: Who's The Boss?

In this episode, Peter and Andrea share their founding story and how they met online. They discuss the importance of communication and trust in their relationship and how they navigate their roles within their company. They provide do's and don'ts for effective communication and emphasize the need to communicate from a place of love and respect.


-Dating sites are not always cringe
-Effective communication is key in a relationship and business partnership.
-Trust and respect are essential for a successful partnership.
-Roles within a company should be divided based on strengths and trust in each other's abilities.
-Communicate from a place of love and respect, and avoid negative emotions like anger and resentment.
-Say what you do and do what you say to maintain trust and clarity.
-The next episode will be a skincare Q&A.


00:00 Introduction and Founding Story
03:02 How They Knew They Were Meant to Be
09:16 Roles within the Company
14:49 Working Together
29:09 Who's the Boss?
30:05 Episode 3: Skincare Q&A

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