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WINNER: Chatelaine  / FASHION's Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin 2022

“Easy to spread and hydrates really well,” said one judge about this delightfully rich vegan collagen cream, which also boasts several other skin- plumping ingredients." - Chatelaine / FASHION

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3 Editors, 5 Steps, 6 Weeks...What An Experience!

"You could say it’s been 600 years in the making for K-beauty brand Saranghae (means “I love you” in Korean). It all started with a family of healers that documented the medical benefits of local herbs and plants, which later became a foundation for Eastern medicine. Fast forward six decades and the family tradition of healing lead to Saranghae’s founding and the award-winning, five step skincare routine the brand has become known for. Combining ancient traditions and modern technology, our editors tested the five step routine for a complete skincare overhaul." - Harper's Bazaar

Check out the full review at Harper's Bazaar



Saranghae Is A Love Story For Your Skin

"Saranghae's Firm & Lift Regeneration Cream is a powerful ant-aging cream made with a natural blend of mushroom, ginseng, amino acids & peptides that delivers astonishing results.  Skin is left smooth, youthful and supple.  A must try!" - Allure


Simply The Best Cleanser You'll Ever Try

"Saranghae's Oil + Foam cleanser is formulated with truffle extract, gold and a whole host of goodies.  The cleanser completely removes makeup, dirt and toxins while hydrating skin at the same time.  It is a unique cleansing experience!" - Elle


Heal, Regenerate and Protect

"Formulated with unique and botanical ingredients, Saranghae delivers real results for the skin you've always dreamed of.  T his revolutionary 5 step Korean skin care system treats the root causes of damaged and aging skin." - Health