Our Story

We are a Korean skincare company that aims to simplify the world of K-beauty for North American consumers.

When we opened our virtual doors in 2016, we launched our revolutionary Saranghae Complete 5-Step Skincare Routine; 5 products, working together in 5 distinct steps. Essentially, we took the traditional 10 step Korean skincare routine and cut it in half; delivering the steps that matter most while not compromising any of the effectiveness or sensoriality of this beautiful ritual.

Today, we’re exploring the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re testing new ingredients never seen before in North America. We’re respecting our traditional Korean roots and going further in the pursuit of greater efficacy and results driven formulas.

All this is made possible because of you. You push us, you challenge us and you dare us to be better, everyday. Thank you for choosing Saranghae, we look forward to serving you today and tomorrow.

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“Saranghae” [‘Sa’ - ‘Rang’- ‘Hae’ ] means “I Love You” in Korean!

Learn how to say “I Love You” in Korean

Meet Our Founder

When I was a little boy growing up in South Korea, I watched in wonder as my mother created magic. She would make her homemade skin treatments crouched down on the floor of our living room, working over a large wooden mixing bowl.

Saranghae means I Love You was founded in 2016 with one simple goal in mind; to share Korean Beauty and my mother’s passion with the world.

We started with the idea of delivering highly effective, high quality products formulated from natural and botanical ingredients. I decided that our foundation had to be the traditional healing botanicals that my mother lovingly used all those years ago. For example, our Korean Sang Hwang Mushroom, a powerful antioxidant proven to slow down visible signs of aging. In this way, we uniquely combine cutting edge science with centuries old traditions.

Being able to help millions of women worldwide feel beautiful everyday while paying homage to my mother’s life’s work is my dream and my passion. Today, I am proud and extremely grateful to share Saranghae Means I Love You with you.

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Founder's Signature

Peter Lee

President & CEO

Our Values

In everything we do we follow a set of values we do not compromise, because who you buy from is as important as what you buy

Made in Korea

Made in Korea means that we use the highest quality ingredients, made in the safest and most reliable way with a focus on innovative manufacturing technologies.


We produce results driven formulas with a mandate to select plant based ingredients where performance and safety is greater than synthetic alternatives.


Environmental sustainability is a driving force in all decisions we make. Packaging, ingredients and manufacturing processes are the 3 pillars of our environmental focus.


A brand that is honest, a brand that is transparent and a brand that works hard to earn your trust. That is the hallmark of authenticity. At Saranghae we do this through inspiring education and honest communication and a continuing focus on building relationships with each and every customer.