How to Tighten Skin in 3 Key Ways

How to Tighten Skin in 3 Key Ways

For many of us, tightening the skin on our face, our neck, and maintaining its firmness is an age old quest. Reality is, most of us don’t actually start thinking about how to tighten the skin on our face, neck, and even the loose skin on our bodies until well into our thirties.

Afterall, our thirties are when we really start to see a difference in the texture, firmness and elasticity of the skin on our face and neck; noticing that it’s just not as bouncy or as youthful as it once was.

While we would love to chalk up the loss of our youthful radiance to stress and sleepless nights (although these do factor in), what’s really causing the sagging skin on our face and neck is the loss of - collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in our dermis.

These three elements combined are responsible for the bounce and firmness that we see in our skin during our 20’s; when collagen and elastin production are at their peak.

Yes, our age is a factor in the loss of tightness in our skin. However, there is much that we can do on a daily basis, and long term steps we can take to ensure that you age gracefully.

So what’s the secret to youthful firm skin? Read on to find out.

The Top 3 Ways You Can Tighten Loose Skin

 1) Prevention

The holy grail of all skin tightening is prevention. We know, we know... this is not what we want to hear, but it’s the truth! As New York dermatologist Robert Anolik says:

“The very best way to stay youthful-looking is not to lose collagen in the first place.”

Rightfully so, as collagen is responsible for the structural support of your skin. Elastin on the other hand is what makes your skin snap back when you press it. So maintaining as much of that collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in your skin is one of the best ways of ensuring tightened skin - especially on your neck and face.

As Will Kirby, DO, FACOD says, “I don’t advocate antiaging and instead recommend the entire industry focus on skin fitness.”  Yes, because there truly is NO substitute for regular:

  • Sunscreen
  • Exercise
  • Zero smoking
  • Low alcohol
  • And (of course) low sugar consumption

to prevent sagging skin on your face, neck and body. So if you still don’t wear sunscreen or haven’t started working out those muscles, get to slathering and pumping!

Prevention, prevention, prevention (at any age).

2. Collagen Production

But, how , you ask?... I thought prevention was the only way? Nope!

Regardless of whether you think or feel you are well past the point of prevention: The second most important method of maintaining the skin on your face and neck firm and tight is through the implementation and consistent use of an anti-aging skincare routine.

A skincare routine that involves the consistent use of anti aging products including antioxidants and cell regulators to reinforce existing collagen, and maintain your skins’ tightness will increase collagen production.

The regular use of a cell regulator containing a Retinoid such as retinol, tretinoin or any form of Vitamin A will stimulate collagen production in your skin and help overall loss of volume. As retinoids are the rare family of ingredients that dermatologists agree actually work, "we know that they stimulate collagen production and cellular regeneration," says Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist in New York City.

Combine retinoids with antioxidants, which are especially great for preventing wrinkles and are, “one of the most powerful and beneficial ingredients for your skin and your entire body, ” Leslie Bauman M.D, and you have got yourself a powerful combination for maintaining skin tightness.

Skin tightening all the way!

3. Noninvasive and/or Invasive Procedures

No, there is nothing wrong with in clinic procedures, whether non invasive or invasive. However, it is best to stay on the course of overall skin fitness for as long as you can, as there can be side effects to any procedure.

In fact, technology has come a long way in providing options to the extremely invasive procedures like a surgical face-lift. Now there is the option of dermatological treatments that are non invasive and require very little down time, beginning with botox, derma fillers, microneedling, thermage cpt and even thread lifts.

Thermage cpt being part of one of the biggest noninvasive technological breakthroughs involving radiofrequency and ultrasound devices.

However, for all these treatments it’s best that a detailed consultation be carried out with a dermatologist of your choice to discuss your options and create a treatment plan that is as unique as you and your face.

4. Aging is a Natural Process

All this to say, aging is a natural process, and it can be as beautiful as it is difficult.

The bottom line: Don’t lose collagen prematurely, and once you do, or begin to (as part of the aging process) understand that yes, it will make a difference in the appearance of your skin and no, it’s not the end of the line.

Loose skin is neither a good nor a bad thing for your face and/or neck, it just is. It’s part of the process of aging, much like growing wiser is part of getting older.

However, when, and if, you choose to do something about the loss of volume on your face - understanding the different schools of thoughts and your options will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions for you. After all it is your choice and a very personal one at that.

Remember, if the choices sound too vast, begin with changes that will promote “skin fitness” and which in the long run will benefit not only your overall health, but also the skin on your face, neck, and body. We age in many different ways so ensuring that you are practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating, drinking in moderation, and zero smoking will go a long way.

Above all, maintain and/or begin a skin care routine that will reinforce the steps and measures you are taking in your daily life to tighten your skin, and which will ultimately provide its lasting effects.

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