Love Saranghae Pocast with Peter & Andrea

Episode 9: Peter's Story, From Convenience Store Clerk To Skincare Founder

Peter's journey from being a cashier at his parents' convenience store in St. Catharines, Ontario, to becoming the founder and CEO of two award-winning skincare companies. The conversation covers Peter's early days in Korea, his family's move to Iran, their forced departure from Iran during the Iranian Revolution, and their eventual settlement in Canada. It explores the challenges and hardships they faced as immigrants, including language barriers, racism, and financial struggles. The conversation also highlights the resilience and determination of Peter's parents, particularly his mother, who worked tirelessly to support the family. Peter shares his journey from growing up in a small apartment with his family to becoming an entrepreneur in the skincare industry. He discusses the importance of his close relationship with his brother and the impact it had on his life. Peter explains how he initially chose mechanical engineering but realized it wasn't his passion and eventually found his way into the skincare industry. He highlights the challenges he faced in starting his own skincare company and the mentors and role models who influenced his journey. Peter offers advice to aspiring skincare entrepreneurs, emphasizing the need to stand out, prioritize important tasks, and watch cash flow.


Immigration can be a challenging and difficult experience, with language barriers, racism, and financial struggles.

Community support and resilience are crucial in overcoming the obstacles faced by immigrants.

Entrepreneurship can provide opportunities for success and financial stability.

Parents often make sacrifices for the well-being of their children, giving up their own dreams and aspirations.

Hard work, determination, and a positive mindset are key to overcoming adversity and achieving success.

Close relationships with family members can have a significant impact on one's life and personal growth.

Choosing a career path based on societal expectations may not lead to fulfillment.

Starting a skincare company requires differentiation and a focus on cash flow.

Mentors and role models can provide guidance and support in the entrepreneurial journey.

Prioritizing important tasks and staying true to your brand are crucial for success in the skincare industry.


00:00 Peter's Journey: From Cashier to CEO

03:07 The Challenges of Immigration and Starting a Convenience Store

08:59 The Korean Community and the Convenience Store Stereotype

16:28 The Resilience and Hard Work of Peter's Mother

22:57 Challenges and Lessons in Starting a Skincare Company

27:08 Influential Mentors and Role Models

37:18 Advice for Aspiring Skincare Entrepreneurs

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